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S-Energy 60-Cell 250W Black Frame Solar Panel (SM-250PC8)

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S-Energy 60-Cell 250W 600V SM-Series Poly PV Modules, UL/CEC Listed, Black frame (SM-250PC8)

  • STC Power Rating: 250W
  • PTC Power Rating: 221.5W
  • STC Power per unit of area: 14.0W/ft² (150.3W/m²)
  • Peak Efficiency: 15.03%
  • Power Tolerances: 0%/+2%
  • Number of Cells: 60
  • Nominal Voltage: N/A
  • Imp: 8.14A
  • Vmp: 30.8V
  • Isc: 8.67A
  • Voc: 37.5V
  • NOCT: 45°C
  • Temp. Coefficient of Isc: 0.05%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Power: -0.43%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Voltage: -0.117V/K
  • Series Fuse Rating: 15A
  • Maximum System Voltage: 1000V
  • Type: Polycrystalline Silicon
  • Output Terminal Type: Multicontact Connector Type 4
  • Output Cable Wire Gauge: 12 AWG
  • Output Cable Wire Type: PV Wire
  • Output Cable Wire Length: 39.4in (1,000mm)
  • Length: 65.6in (1,665mm)
  • Width: 39.3in (999mm)
  • Depth: 2in (50mm)
  • Weight: 44.1lb (20kg)
  • Installation Method: Rack-Mounted


Manufacturer Part #SM-250PC8
Warranty10 Year Product Warranty, 25 Year Linear Power Warranty
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